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Hey, they look like the living dead!”
“Don’t panic! I’d rather think of jellyfish.”

Freshly exhumed from the 4 Taxis archive, this excerpt comes from Lux & Ivy Favorites, a videotape devised by the Cramps at the request of 4 Taxis. A pair of VCRs, as useless as the faded pictures they record, display a frenetic series of events compiled from exploitation films, TV shows, and vintage trailers.
To some extent, a guided tour of a supply store designed for the likes of Richard Prince, Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley & Co….
“Most of these films were made in a garage or living room with basic equipment and were shot in no time,” say the Cramps. “B movies are like going into a trance: they’ve got soul, but ask no questions.” The video piece, which lasts 4 hours and 45 minutes in all, was shown in November 1983 at the Sigma Festival in Bordeaux during a 4 Taxis evening, as an appetizer to the issue devoted to Los Angeles.

When everything is fake, it all becomes real.
Many thanks to “l’oreille d’un sourd”, a.k.a. Philippe Garnier.